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SandraFilerUnited States (East Coast)
Sandra J Filer

Sandra J Filer holds an MBA from Western Michigan University, is a licensed and accredited Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Leader with an extensive background in the field of training & personal development.

Sandra received her Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Certification in 2006, Advanced Certification in 2007, Coach Certification in 2009, and has assisted Master Teachers, Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols over a dozen times at both the workshop leader and coach trainings. Sandra co-created the Self-emPOWERment for Teens PlayShop, a Heal Your Life® program offered worldwide for children between the ages of 12-18. For the past ten years Sandra’s focus has been on metaphysical studies. In addition to her Heal Your Life expertise, Sandra has vast experience in managing teams, leading groups, women’s retreats, creating community, and facilitating a wide variety of workshops! Well-schooled in Louise Hay’s methodology, she not only teaches it, she lives and practices it. Sandra is absolutely thrilled to be leading the East Coast Training! While at the training, learn how Sandra went from financial mess to financial success and how she recently
manifested her dream home in Florida. Also known as the Happy Goddess, she is known for her authenticity, integrity, zest for life and the ability to provide a safe space for healing to happen.

Phone: (713)201-2020

Gita Pimentel - Heal Your Life Certified TeacherUnited States (Spanish)
Gita Pimentel

Gita became certified as a Heal Your Life Teacher in 2009. Since then she hasn’t stop sharing Louise Hay’s work in workshops, coaching sessions or teacher trainings.  She also is a passionate master teacher of  Unitary Reiki. She is one of the authors of the collaborative  Amazon best-seller “Women Living Consciously”.

She is the host and co-producer of the TV Show “Sana Tu Vida” (means Heal Your Life in Spanish) Inti Network, the only 100% holistic channel for the Hispanic community chose her to present the Philosophy of Louise Hay and the self-help movement in general, for their audiences.

Gita’s personal and professional commitment to growth enhance her holistic skills and gives to her degree in Social Communication the sense of expressing a message of service to humanity.

Phone: 310-612-1691

cecilia-Foto para web oficialBuenos Aires, Argentina
Cecilia Tofanari

I’ve been practicing You Can Heal Your Life – the Louise L. Hay best seller – in my personal life since 1992.
After a difficult childhood and teen-ager years I became a phobic person, with big limitations, one day “appeared” in my house the book “You Can Heal Your Life”. I began to read it and my life changed upside down for the better, I eagerly practiced the exercises and I could prove positive and beneficious changes in my life. After that, I knew my present husband and married him and my life glows.

In 1998 I was certified as Louise Hay Teacher, former name of the training, in San Diego. In 1999 I was certified as an Advance Louise Hay Teacher in Hawaii and in 2009 and 2011 I was Licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher & Trainer in Spanish Language. I’ve been continuously leading workshops, study courses, seminars, talks, meditations, one to one coaching sessions, based on Louise L. Hay philosophy since 1998, more than a decade!. I have a vast experience in spiritual, complementary and scientific studies that have been inspiring all the people who came to me for help in any area of their lives.
I am the founder and director of my Institute in Buenos Aires, Mensaje de Amor, and I am constantly traveling to other cities within my country and abroad to teach this wonderful philosophy.

After all these years of trajectory, I was awarded and invited to lecture in neighbor countries and in several argentine provinces.
I am committed to assist to all those who are in need, I teach them to work and practice with Positive Thinking and Self Esteem to create what they want in their lives.

Contact her for upcoming dates

Phone: +54 911 4444-9612 cell phone
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Susie (2)Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
Susie Mulholland

Susie Mulholland is our dedicated and passionate Heal Your Life teacher-teacher for Australia and New Zealand

With a background in the healing modalities of Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy, Australian Bushflowers and Personal Coaching, Susie first trained as a Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader in 2005. Susie attended the advanced training with Dr Patricia Crane in Hawaii in 2007 and was appointed the Teacher Trainer for Australia and New Zealand. Susie has assisted Dr Patricia Crane with Advanced trainings in Florida USA and in Beechworth and Coffs Harbour, Australia. Susie is passionate about teaching enthusiastic workshop leaders in this beautiful healing work. Her teaching skills and close relationship with all participants have resulted in her gaining a reputation for mentoring and fostering workshop leaders not only from within Australia and New Zealand, but also India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and the United States. Susie instigated the Heart Buddy program which maintains aftercare and support between workshop leaders and also their participants.

Contact Susie and discuss your aspirations to become a Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader.

Phone: (61) 419 998 692

Vitaya groen 238 KBBelguim, Europe
Mary-Roos Nijs

Mary-Roos Nijs, started her ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ work in 2004 in the Netherlands and did the additional training programs to become internationally licensed Heal Your LifeR Teacher, Life Coach and Teacher-Teacher.

Her background includes training in: Master Practitioner in NLP, Certified wellness coach, Certified Organizational & Business Trainer/Coach, Certified Facilitator Virtues Project, EFT, Jack Canfield’s ‘Breakthrough to success’ program, Sedona method, Meditation, Train-the-coach, Non-violent communication, Silva Ultra-Mind ESP training, Heartmath training, DISCR profile Certification, Reiki Master, Visualization, Laughter yoga, improvisation and theater techniques.

Mary-Roos has led many workshops and seminars related to emotional-spiritual-mental work. She has participated in several national TV shows as a Life Coach and was the first Life Coach in Belgium who worked for a well known national magazine and TV channel in Belgium. Mary-Roos Nijs was already seen in all the national Belgian magazines. On top of that she presents her own radio show with inspiring topics and heartwarming music.

She trains and inspires you in a friendly and loving way, spiced with a touch of humour. Mary-Roos speaks Dutch, English, German and French. She is available to travel to other countries. Please contact her for more information.

Phone: +

Alberta, Canada
Victoria Johnson,

Victoria Johnson is highly committed to her work as the Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher Trainer and Advanced Coach Teacher Trainer for Canada. In addition, Victoria is pleased to present the Heal Your Life® Teen EmPOWERment program, and is certified to bring this work to the business world with the ‘Managing with Heart and Mind’ HYL Program.

After receiving her original training in 2012, Victoria became very aware of the impact that we all have on each other’s lives. She learned how to trust herself as a leader, and that we are all wanting the same things – love, acceptance and guidance. As a teacher and coach trainer, Victoria is fulfilling her calling which is to support and facilitate people through their spiritual evolution. She is available and accessible for her students and is honoured to help those who want to grow and evolve. Victoria is passionate about helping others learn to be spiritually and emotionally fulfilled, and helping them develop that fulfillment into a practical business venture, if that is their intention.

In addition to Victoria’s corporate background, she has many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. She has graduated from multiple coaching and team building programs, is a certified Addiction’s Counsellor, and has been a reiki master for almost 10 years. Victoria is a successful author of a trilogy of children’s books. In 2016, she graduated from a university level leadership program, and in 2017 took over as editor for the world-wide publication – Heal Your Life® Good News and Inspiration. Victoria is very familiar with social media and marketing, and passes that knowledge on to her students.

You will find Victoria to be highly personable and relatable. She teaches in a conversational style that uplifts and inspires people. One of her most favourite things is to witness the transformation in people as they grow to love themselves, and then in turn help others to do the same. She will not only be your teacher for the week, but will mentor you every step of the way on your Heal Your Life® career path.

phone: 1.780.228.1238
IG:  @healyourlifecanada
FB: @healyourlifetraining

Toronto and Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
Heidi Martin

Heidi’s passion in life is to empower people to love themselves and awaken to their true authentic spirit. Everyone is born with a special gift and purpose and she love’s helping others reclaim their own inner power.

Her beautiful energy and spirit inspires all those that she works with.

Heidi was introduced to Louise’s philosophy at a young age because her mother was a big fan of the book “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Heidi loves working with youth and teens helping support self-image and self-esteem. She is very passionate about teaching self-love, manifesting, energy medicine and loves assisting her clients in developing and trusting their own intuition.

She is Certified as a Heal Your Life® Leader, Life Coach, Teen Self-emPOWERment PlayShop Teacher,
Energy Medicine Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Oneness Deeksha Giver and Intuitive.

Living in the now, becoming aware and full of gratitude are some of the her keys to success. Her motto is, ” Invest in your life and always know YOU are worth it”!!

Phone: 905-515-7925
Websites: | |


Cyprus (Greek) and Greece
Christina Constantinou

Christina became a certified Heal Your Life Workshop/Seminar Leader in 2014 and then became a Heal Your Life Coach in 2015. In 2017, she had the great honor of being authorized as the Teacher-Teacher in Cyprus and Greece for Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Trainings based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.
Since 2014, Christina has been hosting numerous events and workshops as a teacher and life-coach as well as a facilitator of seminars based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.
Using her unique skills and abilities, Christina has successfully guided her students through the exciting journey of their own personal growth and in developing the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their highest goals.

Her vision is to spread love in the world and heal our planet.

Phone: +357 99553852

sampoornaChennai, India
G.L. Sampoorna,

Sampoorna is a certified Heal Your Life® workshop Teacher-trainer for India. A sensitive and experienced therapist, life coach, trainer and a caring teacher, she has over 30 years of experience in facilitating people to connect with their power within. With a formal education in psychology, Sampoorna qualified in 2003 as a Heal Your Life® workshop leader and later as a Heal Your Life® Coach with Patricia and Rick. Her psycho-spiritual training in early 1990s with LeRoys of Evolution and Development, France, introduced her to body-mind-spirit connection. An NLP trainer, she works with Dick McHugh in training NLP master practitioners. With a PhD in the area of forgiveness, she has pioneered Forgiveness work and research in India. Mindfulness is an integral part of her life that she practices through vipassana meditation.

Sampoorna has developed core techniques that have evolved through her interaction with clients over three decades. Her expertise lies in her multi-modality approach where her keen perception and deep discerning ability come to the fore. Her work is holistic, oriented towards well-being, an amalgamation of multi-disciplinary processes, bringing together the best of the East and the West. She combines conventional methods like psychotherapy, meditation, physical exercise with contemporary methods such as NLP, sound, movement, drama, art, journaling, and innovative methods such as gardening, play, silence, chewing and story-telling.

She provides her services in person, through telephone, online and has special in-bound courses for client groups from other countries.

Sampoorna has been published by Hay House, USA in “Modern day miracles” by Louise Hay and friends, and has authored a self help book, “Transformation! Story of a bird”. Several of her articles have been published in magazines for adults and children. Her article on Forgiveness was published by National Council of Guidance and Education, Ireland.

Sampoorna explores life and work through her creative expression. Her interest in art culminated in highly successful solo and group shows in India. Her inspired thought cards and book marks of affirmations, and CDs of songs and visualisations, have impacted many lives.

Besides her significant professional contribution, Sampoorna is active in welfare work. She worked with battered women and was one of the key persons in setting up a home for women with HIV in 1990, one of the first in South East Asia.

Practicing the principles she teaches, Sampoorna brings a balance of work, prosperity, success and rest in her life. She travels widely and devotes time to friendship, meditation and leisure.

A caring person, she works with people across the world, inspiring them to access their inner wisdom, joy, love and well-being.

Phone: (91) 98402 30151

Shashank Gupta

Shashank is a dynamic entrepreneur who is a qualified engineer and has an MBA from a premier institute. He is a powerful facilitator and has extensive experience in the field of personal & professional transformation.Shashank has conducted many programs across India, as well as several international programs in Switzerland, Russia, UK, United States, Thailand & Mexico. His expertise lies in helping people overcome their limitations and realise their full potential. Shashank skillfully leads programs such as: Conflict Resolution, Relationship Management, Team Dynamics, Action Centered Leadership & powerful Train-The-Trainer Programs.

He is qualified Executive Coach, having received several international certifications in personal & professional coaching. Shashank is also a Transactional Analysis Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Belbin Team Role Assessor, Psycho-Geometrics Master Facilitator, Leadership Facilitator and more.

Shashank is a licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach and Managing with Heart & Mind Facilitator. He is incredibly passionate about spreading Louise’s work across geographical boundaries.

Shashank is a learner and an intuitive facilitator. He has powerful presence that inspires people to explore & expand their horizons. He is a firm believer in the innate potential of people and their capacity to create their best life.

Shashank & Sneha are Founder Directors of ISRA and co-facilitate workshops.

Phone No: +91-98214-24251

Sneha Shah

Sneha is a Consulting Psychologist with a double major in Psychology. She has a driving passion for creating a difference. Sneha’s expertise lies in using behavioural insights to facilitate sustained positive change. She is a firm believer in people’s capacity to continuously grow and evolveShe has received immense recognition for doing path-breaking workshops with individuals and corporations across the world. She is skilled at working with various levels of management, including core Leadership groups. Her expertise lies in facilitating programs on Leadership Excellence, Critical Conversations, Personality Profiling, Building High Impact Teams, Influencing Skills, Communicating Despite Differences, Etiquette and more.

Sneha is certified in Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Thomas DISC Profiling, FIRO-B, MBTI, Psycho-Geometrics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Leadership Transformation, Hypnosis and many others. She is the only professional in India, trained to practice Gottman Couples Therapy Method.

Sneha is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, trained in United States. She is also Managing with Heart & Mind Facilitator. Her passion lies helping people identify the power of their thoughts and how it shapes their reality. She firmly believes that people are not limited by their life situations and experiences and have the power to create a new life story.

Sneha & Shashank are Founder Directors of ISRA and co-facilitate workshops.

Phone No: +91-98214-24251

Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland

Eileen Clair: Click here for information about Eileen

Holistic Therapist, Trainer, Advisor, Communicator, Encourager, Speaker

Eileen has been a practising Holistic Therapist for over twenty years. Founder and director of a very busy and much sought-after Holistic Centre in Kilrush, Co Clare, she has built not just a business, but a haven for body, mind and soul, guided by the many qualifications she has acquired in this specialist field. 

Eileen is a certified Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach Trainer, Workshop Leader and Coach (based on the work of Louise L. Hay) and organises and conducts these Trainings (authorised by Hay House Inc. and approved by Louise Hay) in Ireland, along with her own regular workshops. She also brings these philosophies to the business world through the Managing with Heart and Mind programme. 

The comprehensiveness of Eileen’s skills, as a teacher, healer, trainer and business woman, but most of all, as an encourager, has led to numerous demands for her presence at seminars, workshops and group sessions – as a motivational and inspirational speaker. Her choice of venue on the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way totally supports her natural style and connection with the environment.

Described as an ‘inspirational teacher, very approachable, articulate, experienced in the Louise Hay philosophy, and very professional at all times’, her Teacher Training and Coach Training are attracting worldwide interest and participation.

Phone: 00 353 (0) 65 9052239

Facebook: Eileen Clair Holistic Health


Phone: 00 353 (0) 65 9052239

Becky RothsteinTel Aviv, Israel
Becky Rothstein

Becky pioneers a unique insight into Positive Thinking, reaching out to guide participants to the Power of Change

Becky teaches how to release negative emotions, such as:

  • • Pain and Guilt
  • • Fear and Worries
  • • Anger and Resentment
  • • Criticism and Judgement
  • • Difficult relationships
  • • Hardship due to financial circumstances

Becky Rothstein was born in Santiago de Chile. At the age of 11 she contracted Polio which was completely cured. However, her Cells stored the memory of pains, causing physical and emotional distress. Following completion of her education, she continued to study Interior Design. Becky married and brought up four children whilst continue suffering from the “remembered” pains. Throughout, Becky was treated by conventional medicine which did not cure her. She then approached alternative therapies, detoxed from all medicines, and her pains were eased. With the recognition of the remission of her symptoms she was attracted to the studying and the understanding of Reiki, Kinesiology and ways of relaxation. At that time she began to treat and help others.

She came across a wonderful book by Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life. This helped her recognise the Power of Her Thoughts and enabled her to reach out to help herself and others with the Power of Change and the Powers of Positive Thinking.

Becky is proud to say that she started her career decorating the interiors of houses and now helps participants to beautify their souls.

Becky Rothstein runs workshops consisting of 15-20 participants, lectures larger groups, offers personal coaching and private sessions. She has trained groups in the US, Canada, UK, Holland, Belgium, Brazil and Israel.

Phone: 972 3 6950 789

FOTO LU OKBologna, Italy, and Italian-Speaking Switzerland, and Thailand (English)
Lucia Giovannini

Lucia is a prolific writer and a best selling author. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology, a Bachelor in PsychoAntropology and is an international affiliate of APA, American Psychological Association.

For almost 20 years she has been working in the human resources field, conducting seminars for groups and companies all over Europe and Asia.

Lucia qualified in 1998 as a “Heal your life” workshop leader and since then she has been teaching Louise Hay philosophy in hundreds of workshops.

Ever since she was a little girl Lucia has been fascinated by the unexplored capacities of human beings.  A search to which she devoted her whole life.  This experience brings unique gifts to her seminars and but it’s her love, honesty and compassion that touches people most.

She uses a holistic approach which includes NLP, Coaching, Neurosemantics, Firewalking, Rebirthing, Labyrinths.

Lucia lives most of the year in Asia and speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French. She is available to travel to other countries. Please contact her for more information.

More info at and

Press release at

Phone: 393 4822 92562

laura-nino2Queretaro, Mexico
Laura Jeanette Niño Rodriquez

I started my soul journey almost 20 years ago, healing the past, and discover the wonders of loving myself. The “YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE” book, was and is the most powerful axis of my search for inner peace.

Those simple but profound and powerful principles unfolded a path in which I decided to KNOW, LIVE AND BE LOVE.

The amazing changes that love was bringing to my life became my passion, which I definitely needed to share with others, and that is how my story as a Teacher began.

I became a HYL certified Teacher in 2000, lead more than 200 workshops around México, and other countries.  Integrating other techniques, and the knowledge of many other authors and traditions, I developed workshops, conferences and trainings to guide people to heal themselves, from children to elders, everyone in their own way of living and search.

I founded LOVE HABITAT, a space dedicated to help people to the encounter of love in their lives.

Since 2008, I got the great honor from Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols to be the first HYL TEACHER TEACHER for México, and HYL COACH TRAINER in 2012 in Birmingham UK. For the last 4 years we had spread Louise´s philosophy in every state of México with the fabulous work of all our HYL Teachers.

Office number: +52 (442) 2136588
Movil: +52 (442) 3631736
E mail:

Vera Faria - Heal Your Life Certified TeacherLisbon, Portugal & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vera Faria Leal

Contact her about the next training session.

Vera has a PHD in International Relations, 1991. She became certified as a Heal Your Life Teacher in 1999 and is the Teacher-Teacher for Portugal since 2004 and for Brazil since 2010. She is a teacher and a practitioner of Psychological Astrology, and founded the Courses: WISDOM COACHING INTEGRAL© and COUNSCIOUS FEMININITY AND SACRED FEMININE©. She is Sister of Avalon, Glastonbury. She is member of International Association for Analytical Psychology and studies Archetypal Psychology. Vera leads workshops and talks in Portugal and Brazil. She participates in several national TV shows and other media, as an expert in this issues and published several books, a CD and a DVD: The Secret beyond the Secret. She lives by the Wisdom of the Hearth!

Contact Vera for the requirements to participate in this training.

Phone: 351-965 303341

Sinisa UbovicBelgrade, Serbia
Sinisa Ubovic

PROMENITE MISLI – IZLEČITE ŽIVOT – Radionicu vodi Sinisa Ubovic, jedini licencirani HYL trener na prostorima bivse Jugoslavije. -Ova dvodnevna Heal Your Life radionica je intenzivno iskustvo koje će uneti velike pozitivne promene u vaš život . Završićete radionicu sa novim znanjem, tehnikama i dodatnim smernicama koje će vam pružati konstanu podršku na vašem novom putu. Nekada su potrebne godine a da opet ne pronadjemo odgovore koji će zaista uneti promene u naš život! Sada imate priliku da nakon mnogo lutanja u samo dva dana otkrijete gde leži ključ za rešavanje vaših problema. Svi koji priznaju, praktikuju i vole učenje Lujze Hej i žele da istinski promene svoj život, da ga unaprede i izleče, da otkriju i ispolje sve svoje potencijale, konačno će to moći da učine i u Beogradu!

Siniša Ubović is a popular Serbian actor, best-selling self-help author, and leading spiritual teacher in Eastern Europe. His inner journey started in 2009 when he was first introduced to Louise L. Hay’s book The Power Is Within You. Since then, nothing has been the same in his life.

He immediately felt the miraculous importance and power in the words of Louise Hay and realized that this knowledge could contribute to major shifts in both his own thinking and the part of the world where he lives. In 2010, Sinisa attended the HYL teacher training program in San Diego. From that time on, Siniša has facilitated dozens of HYL workshops and lectures. In September 2012, Sinisa went back to San Diego, where he was announced as the first Teacher- Teacher trainer for his country.

After many years of war, poverty and total chaos, people from Serbia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia are in need of support and guidance on how to heal their lives. Snisa is passionate about helping them.


ashikaJohannesburg, South Africa
Ashika Singh

Ashika Singh  has been in the metaphysical classrooms all her life and practising as a Reiki Therapist and Master since 2002, A Heal Your Life workshop leader since 2008, a Heal Your Life Coach and Teacher-Teacher since 2010.

Currently completing a metaphysical doctorate in Philosophy, she is inspired to keep on learning, so she may offer to her students, clients and loved ones all over the world new insights to keep their life’s journey.

Growing with love, light and great faith in whole-ness from within. Louise Hay has inspired her to BE a great leader, one that is humble, wise and in love with all that is.

She is the founder of the Live the Love Project, where she runs a full time life coaching practice, Training school and motivational workshops.

Phone: +27 78538 0922

Maria Rosa - Heal Your Life Certified TeacherBarcelona, Spain
Maria Rosa Casanovas

A raíz de mi búsqueda de sanación personal conocí los libros de Louise L. Hay en 1990 y  a Patricia Crane en Birmingham en 1993, dónde acudí para participar en el taller  TU PUEDES SANAR TU VIDA. Fue tal el impacto que causó en mí que invité a Patricia a venir a Barcelona para impartir el taller en los años siguientes. Los talleres SANA TU VIDA me mostraron un camino claro, profundo, eficaz y respetuoso  que me ha llevado a acercarme a mí misma, conocerme y recuperar mi autoestima y poder personal. El poder para aprender, crecer, cambiar, aceptar…

 En 1992 comencé a coordinar grupos de estudio y talleres basados en la metodología que Louise L. Hay transmite en sus libros y en 1995 participé en la primera formación internacional SANA TU VIDA TEACHER TRAINING, en San Diego, California y, posteriormente en 1998  recibí la formación como Formadora de Facilitadores SANA TU VIDA en español. Recuerdo con emoción cuando recibí la certificación de manos de Louise L. Hay y Patricia Crane,  me embargaba la alegría por el camino profesional que me era confiado.

En 2012 recibí la certificación en Birmingham como Formadora del Life Coach Training SANA TU VIDA, la Formación Avanzada, que completa el Programa de Formación HEAL YOUR LIFE.

La primera formación SANA TU VIDA TEACHER TRAINING que coordine en España tuvo lugar en 1998, desde entonces he tenido el honor de conocer y acompañar en su camino de transformación personal y profesional a cientos de personas en España, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Perú, Colombia y Uruguay. Desde 2013 me dedico plenamente a España, donde recibimos también a participantes de habla hispana que residen en Europa u otros países.

Mi formación incluye Counselling, Gestalt, Coaching, Educación Emocional, Presencia Incondicional (Minfulness) con John Welwood (Nueva York), Terapia Centrada en la Persona (Carl Rogers).

Contacto para sesiones individuales, talleres y formaciones SANA TU VIDA:

Teléfono:   34 – 653.370.455

Isabel Contreras - Heal Your Life Certified TeacherGeneva, Switzerland
Isabel Contreras

Isabel will be offering the workshop leader training in French. She has a centre, Life Motivations, in Geneva.

Contact her for upcoming dates.

Phone: +0041793979115

aylinTurkey & Turkish-Speaking Cyprus

Aylin Algun

Aylin is the Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Teacher, Coach Teacher and Business Training Teacher for Turkey.

Her inner journey started with an illness in 2006, which was a no- solution case for modern medicine. After struggling for two years, she ended up getting help from a Healer. It took exactly two weeks of holistic energy healing to dissolve the illness. That was the major wake-up call and since then, she’s worked with many world-wide healers, teachers and mentors.

Heal Your Life is a mile stone, which transformed her life completely in 2012. She became a passionate and dedicated channel for Heal Your Life, to support and help others to heal their lives.

Aylin’s background includes working as a TV business personal for many years, working as a Corporate Trainer for developing people’s business skills, being a Life Coach, Business Coach and NLP Master Trainer.

Her holistic energy healing background includes Reiki, Angel Therapy and Regression.

She is the author of two books, published in Turkish in Turkey by Inkilap Yayinlari. Her first book is about romantic relationships, titled “Aynada Seni Gordum” (I Saw You in the Mirror) and the second one is about trust, titled “Bir Guven Meselesi” (It’s A Matter of Trust).

She has two boys and lives in Istanbul.

Contact info for personal sessions, seminars and trainings:

Merve Yorulmaz (assistant)



phone: +90 (532) 260 7724

secondary email:

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: Aylin Algun

Facebook Page: Heal Your Life Turkiye