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Patricia J. Crane Ph.D.
San Diego, California, USA

Patricia has had the privilege of studying with some of the premier spiritual leaders of our time, including Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson. She began working with Louise Hay in 1986 and has been studying and teaching Louise's philosophy for over 20 years. Along with partner Rick Nichols, she has trained and certified more than 2,200 workshop and study group leaders in the methods of Louise Hay from at least 42 states in the U.S. and 36 countries around the world. Patricia is considered to be a leader in metaphysical healing modalities, and is a sought after international speaker and workshop leader. Her first book, Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations, has received  5 star reviews on amazon.com and is available there or from www.DrPatriciaCrane.com

 2011 Trainings led by Patricia and Rick

Orlando, FL            March 26 - April 2
Birmingham, UK      July 17 - 24
San Diego                 mid-September

Susie Mulholland
Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia

Mary Heath is now retired after leading the trainings since 1999. Taking her place is another wonderful Heal Your Life teacher-teacher, Susie Mulholland. 

Next Workshop Leader Training 

March 12 - 19, 2011   Auckland, NZ

Phone: (61) 0357522114
E-mail: susan@healyourlife.net.au 
or www.healyourlife.net.au

Maria Rosa Casanovas
Barcelona, Spain

Maria Rosa completed the Heal Your LifeŽ teacher training at the first one ever held in San Diego in 1995. As early as 1992 she had been leading successful Louise Hay groups and workshops all over Spain. Maria Rosa's wisdom and humor enhances her spiritual approach to enhancing self-esteem. Her background includes training in NLP, Gestalt, meditation, and visualization. The first Louise Hay teacher training in Spanish was held in July, 1998. Maria Rosa is available to travel to other Spanish speaking countries.

In Spain:
Contact her for 2011 dates

Phone: (93) 436 29 50 
E-mail: mariarosacasanovas@gmail.com 

Isabel Contreras
Geneva, Switzerland

Isabel will be offering the workshop leader training in French. She has a centre, Life Motivations, in Geneva. 

Contact her for 2010 dates


Laura Jeanette Nino Rodriquez
Queretaro, Mexico

Laura completed the Heal Your LifeŽ training in June 2000.  Since then, she has lead more than 100 workshops based on Louise L Hay´s philosophy in different states of México, as well as developing and facilitating numerous courses and seminars based on emotional healing for all ages. Other techniques in her background include NLP and Bioenergetics. Laura created the "Gente Cree-Siendo en Grande" center, where the focus is to help children, teenagers, and adults to create a "healthy, harmonious and love based life", and to learn how to handle emotions in a healthy way. She truly believes on the perfection and love essence of the human being, and her work is devoted to help people get in touch of that inner magnificence.

Contact her for 2011 dates


(52) 442 2169806 or (52) 442 1730435


Becky Rothstein 
Tel Aviv, Israel    

Becky first attended the Heal Your LifeŽ Teacher Training in San Diego in 1999. She went on to graduate from not one, but three Advanced Teacher Trainings and the Heal Your LifeŽ Coach training. Becky has a strong commitment to helping people change their lives.

Phone: (97) 2 3 695-0789       E-mail:  rbecky@netvision.net.il 

Vera Faria Leal
Lisbon, Portugal

Contact her about the next training session.

Vera has a PHD in International Relations, 1991. She became certified as a Heal Your Life Teacher in  1999. In addition to the Love Yourself courses, she  provides courses on self esteem and prosperity. Certified as a practitioner of Psichologic Astrology, she teaches Experiential Astrology. Vera has led more than 70 workshops and seminars all over Portugal related to emotional-spiritual work and also  worked very successfully with several hundred people as her clients. She has participated in several national TV shows as an expert on self esteem, Inner child/emotional issues and published a book on the Inner Child, guilt and childhood wounds and a CD with Meditations. She also organizes workshops and presentations with national and international speakers/authors. She believes in the joy and wisdom of our wonderful inner children!

Vera will be offering the training in Brazil for the first time in the fall of 2010! December 8 - 12 in Rio de Janeiro. 

Contact Vera for the requirements to participate in this training.

Phone: 351-965 303341; harmoniaviva@gmail.com


Cecilia Tofanari
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact her for 2010 dates

(54) 11-4-503-9320

Cecilia attended the Heal Your Life training in San Diego in 1997, and then the advanced program in 1998. She has led many Love Yourself, Heal Your workshops since then, and established an Institute for the Louise Hay philosophy in Argentina. Cecilia trained as a teacher-teacher in 2009. Please contact her for information about 2011. 

Ashika Singh
Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 78538 0922



Ashika is the newest teacher-teacher for the Heal Your LifeŽ training, as of the end of July, 2010. She completed her initial training in 2008 and has been leading workshops ever since.  



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